Change Your Mind, It’s Okay

I saw a certain post today that got me thinking. How many times do you fail to change your mind because you’re thinking, ‘what will people say, isn’t it too late for me to change, I’m too old to keep changing my mind all the time, why am I so inconsistent, why can’t I make a decision and stick to it till the end, I’m way too deep into it, why should I even change?’

As a very indecisive person myself, I know how much that can be frustrating.

Most people see their constant change of mind as a sign of weakness, inconsistency, and sometimes failure. But is it really?

I think it’s a sign of bravery. Imagine everyone knowing your firm belief in something and later on, having to convince them that this is your new belief and admitting that you were wrong before. Or someone who takes an unconventional career path totally different from what they studied. Isn’t that courage?

But why don’t we do it often?

Research from Harvard shows that, changing your mind is actually a sign of intelligence, especially in your entrepreneurial journey. Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss, is also on record saying, how he identifies a smart person is by how often they change their opinions. The same research shows that part of the reason people fail to change their minds is because of embarrassment, that they’ll be seen as lacking confidence.

Food for thought: Would you rather be confident or intelligent?

It’s time we accept that change is good and necessary. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any consistency in your life but, when you’re in a situation that needs to be changed, DO IT.

When should you change your mind?

If there is something that you’ve always wanted to change, why are you not doing it? What reason do you keep giving or is it just an excuse?
Need an extra nudge? Here are some situations I thought of, where you SHOULD change and remember, it’s okay to do so.

When you’ve outgrown a behavior, belief, culture, stand, character.

When I saw the post above, I imagined a reformed addict, who now wants to preach against drugs and alcohol but is afraid to do it. Fearing judgment. But he grew and changed, which is a good thing right?
There are some behaviors, beliefs, cultures that one is accustomed to, that changing is quite a task.

Have people always known you as this rude person, comebacks are your forte, but you want to be better? Change it. Are you afraid to speak up because people don’t know you in that way? Change it.

If you were once a firm believer that there is no God and everyone knew about it, but lately you’re mindset is shifting. It’s okay to own and claim your new belief.

In your relationships, if you were sexually active but for quite some time now, you feel convicted to be celibate, for whatever reason. It’s okay. Change it.

Politically, if you were an avid campaigner of a certain political party or person and now you want to change your allegiance. Change it.

When Your Expectations are Not Met.

If after campus you really wanted the stability of employment but you’ve been finding it hard to find a job, be open to trying out a business venture or freelance.
When you moved out of your parents’ house and failed to sustain yourself when you had so much hope, don’t be afraid of going back home and re-strategize.

When You Learn Something New

This could be something you came across recently that changed your mindset. A lesson you learnt the hard way through your experience or someone else’s. Whatever it is, it’s okay to admit that you didn’t know better but now you do. Especially with the world changing rapidly, you’ll struggle if you stubbornly stick to what you’ve always known.

I know you now get my drift. Want to make a change? DO IT. I believe, as long as one has the conviction to be better, it will happen, sooner or later. Why not make a conscious decision and make it sooner, a day at a time.

Remember, you don’t have to keep explaining and defending your life decisions and choices to anyone.

Make the ‘future you’ proud today.

You can do this.

What change are you glad you made?

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