Heard of Quarter-Life Crisis?

What am I doing with my life? I hate my course/career but I don’t know what to do. What am I even passionate about? What is my talent? Why does everyone around me seem to have it all figure out but me? Are these some of the questions you have been asking yourself?

You might be in a quarter-life crisis.

Never heard of it?

A quarter-life crisis is a stage in life in your 20s to early 30s where you constantly question your purpose in life. The many ‘I should have’ by a certain age make it even harder to live for NOW and the feeling of contentment is non-existent in your life.

It’s actually more common than you think. Research from LinkedIn shows that a whopping 75% of individuals between 25 and 33 years of age have experienced the quarter-life crisis. This is with an average age of 27.

The major cause being, the pursuit of a purposeful life. Based on this, here are some signs showing you may have a quarter-life crisis.

5 Signs That You’re Having a Quarter-life Crisis

quarter-life crisis
  • You generally feel lost. Feeling you’re not fulfilled in whatever you’re doing but don’t know what you should be doing.
  • You feel stuck in a rut. Looking around, you see your peers making strides in their careers, that they love, yet you haven’t figured out what step to take next.
  • Lack of motivation. You’re slowly losing interest in your field majorly because you don’t enjoy it.
  • You’re often disappointed in yourself. You know deep down there has to be more to life than where you’re at.
  • You feel a little bit depressed. Your little accomplishments at work don’t even psych you up.

If you have or are experiencing some of these signs, you are not alone. I was there, still kinda am. It’s normal. My advice, DON’T suppress the feeling. Instead, address it. In the process, you’ll realize that it’s not such a bad state to be in. The silver lining which is learning your purpose along the way may be the crown of it all.  


  1. Listen to your guts. Ask yourself, ‘do I see myself doing this in my 40s,50s? I don’t love my job but am I willing to put in the effort, gain more skills in it and end up enjoying? Don’t lie to yourself. You know whether or not your career/field excites you or not. Follow your guts. The probability of it failing you is minimal.
  2. Try out different things. Are your answers to point number 1, no? Like most people, do you know all the things you don’t want to pursue but you still don’t know what you really want to pursue? Make a list of things that interest you. Get online, do some short courses. These you can find on sites like Alison, Udemy, Edx, and many more. Some of the courses are free, so don’t stress if you don’t have the money. Just keep at it, try as many fields as you can, and see how that goes. Remember, it’s okay to change your mind, it’s actually a sign of intelligence.
  3. Quit comparing your life to others. This one is so common and hard not to do but not impossible. Think about it, where do the ‘I should have’ by a certain age come from, if not comparison matches? Do you find yourself saying, ‘I should be paying my bills by now’ ‘I should be married by now’ ‘I should have my place by now’ It’s mostly from what you’ve seen from others’ achievements. If you have to, quit social media for a while because let’s be honest, that’s where we see people’s perfections and start doubting ourselves with our imperfections. Remember, there is no deadline for success.
  4. Quit trying to measure up to other people’s expectations. What you consider to be a success, may not be seen as a success to someone else and vice versa. Get to know YOURSELF better and work to improve your areas of weakness. To know yourself better, take up a personality test or a career aptitude test to gauge what areas you might excel in, pursue them and create your own success. Please note, these tests should not limit you or put you in a box. They’re just there as pointers if you’re clueless on what path to take.
  5. Talk to someone. Just let the feeling out and know that it’s okay to have such feelings sometimes in life. Find a close friend, relative, or even acquaintance and get it off your chest. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, whatever age you’re in. Trust me you’re not alone.

Remember, no one has it all figured out, and hey, as long as you’re aware of what you’re feeling and you’re working on it, keep it up, give yourself a break and watch your life THRIVE

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