Quality Traits You Need To Have As A Virtual Assistant In Kenya

As more and more businesses are shifting their focus online, the demand for virtual assistants in Kenya is increasing.

A virtual assistant is a valuable asset for any business.

Business owners hire virtual assistants to help them with different tasks.

These may be tasks that they are unable to handle, have no time to do, or would rather hire someone else to do them as they focus on other aspects of their business.

As a virtual assistant, you get to choose the services you will offer your clients based on your skills, experience, and interest.

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Before a business owner hires you, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have the necessary skill set for the job.

However, knowledge and expertise are not the only traits that clients look for.

Since a business owner is trusting you with their business, there are several other traits that they will consider as they hire you as their virtual assistant.

10 Traits Of A Highly Successful Virtual Assistant In Kenya

1. Reliability

A client hiring you as their virtual assistant expects you to make their work life easier. Regardless of how qualified you are, you will lose a client if they cannot rely on you.

When given a task, you need to get it done without the client needing to check up on the progress or reminding you to do it.

2. Integrity

As you work as a virtual assistant, you’ll be dealing with clients’ intellectual property.

You should ensure that the client’s personal information such as passwords, login credentials, and other pieces of information are not shared.

Also, you must ensure you keep your word. If you say you will be done with a task by Wednesday, ensure you’re done by Wednesday. In case a delay is inevitable, you have to communicate with your client prior to your deadlines.

3. Proactive

As you are supporting your clients with different projects, you need to think through the different steps of the project and think forward about the next steps and how they will affect the project.

Most clients will need a virtual assistant who can see the overall big picture, and plan and implement each step without being pushed.

4. Resourceful

A resourceful virtual assistant is one who can be the go-to person for information in a team.

For example, if you are in charge of admin in a company, you need to know the exact times when different meetings are happening.

If you’re in charge of a project management system, other team members should be able to come to you if they don’t understand how to use the system.

You also need to be an ‘ideas person.’ One who comes up with ideas and strategies to make the business run better.

You’ll become more valuable to your clients by being resourceful.

9. Self-disciplined

Working as a Virtual Assistant means no one is there to monitor your day’s activity.

You have to be disciplined enough to manage your time effectively and deliver your work to your clients in good time.

Self-motivation also plays a key role in ensuring you work even when you don’t feel like it.

10. Confident

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant may prove to be intimidating especially once you see what other experienced Virtual Assistants do.

You still have to believe in yourself and what you can offer your clients.

Being confident will also enable you to go for opportunities that other beginners may shy away from. 

5. Organized

Being organized will help you run your virtual assistant business and your client’s business effectively.

Most business owners will need help with managing their emails, appointments, calendars, social media accounts, passwords, etc.

An organized virtual assistant will ensure that all this client’s information is easily accessible.

For example, if a client needs you to find a particular article or graphic that you created a few weeks ago, you need to be able to find it with ease.

Being organized will also allow you to work efficiently on different tasks with multiple clients.

6. Effective communicator

Excellent communication skills are essential for every virtual assistant.

Since there is no physical form of communication with most of your clients, you need to speak and write clearly to avoid a breakdown of communication.

How timely your responses are, how you give and receive feedback, and how you communicate your thoughts, availability, and expectations all add up to rate your communication skills.

Also, since you may be tasked to handle the customer service bit of your client’s business, effective communication with the customers will help give the client’s brand a positive outlook.

Note. Good communication is not just speaking well. It’s also listening and understanding what the other person is saying.

7. Self-learner

While working as a virtual assistant, you will be expected to work with different tools and systems.

You don’t have to know how to use all of them but you have to be willing to learn about a tool that your client uses.

A YouTube tutorial video or blog post is enough to learn about a tool/system.

To also keep up with the new trends in the virtual assistants’ world, you need to keep researching and learning about the new trends.

8. Detail oriented

One other important quality that a virtual assistant must have is attention to detail.

A simple mistake may have a very negative impact on a project.

You should pay key attention to small details such as dates, numbers, formats, fonts, etc.

When working with a client, always ensure you understand the instructions given before working on a task.

This will help avoid any repetitions and will save you and the client time.


Besides knowledge and expertise, your personal values will play a key role in the success of your virtual assistant business.

As a virtual assistant in Kenya, you have to demonstrate not only your capabilities and strengths but also the core values that you identify with.

Proving your competencies to your clients will also help retain them and increase the chances of referrals.

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