Services You Can Offer As A Virtual Assistant In Kenya.

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the best ways of making money online in Kenya.

Any business can make use of the help of a Virtual Assistant.

Entrepreneurs and startups are always looking to outsource some of their time-consuming responsibilities to focus on core business activities and scale their business. 

As a Virtual Assistant, you can work on a contract basis and support the entrepreneurs with some of these responsibilities.

Different businesses will need different kinds of support in their businesses.

Majority of entrepreneurs delegate tasks that they:

  • Hate doing
  • Have no time to do
  • Don’t know how to do

Whether you are just starting out as a VA or looking to add a new service to offer your clients, the list of services you can offer is endless.

So, what are some of the services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant in Kenya?

1. Administrative tasks

Admin tasks are some of the most in-demand services from business owners. You can help entrepreneurs free up their time but supporting them with their everyday to-dos. These admin tasks include:

  • Data entry
  • Online research
  • Calendar management
  • Setting appointments
  • Minute-taking
  • Bookkeeping
  • Writing and sending invoices
  • Creating weekly reports
  • Creating forms or surveys for customer feedback.
  • Proofreading documents.
  • Travel booking
  • File management
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations

2. Social media management/marketing

  • Create social media accounts
  • Research, create, and write social media posts
  • Design social media graphics
  • Post and schedule social media posts
  • Community management e.g FB group management
  • Measure analytics and performance reports
  • Update all social media accounts regularly.
  • Engage with the audience, respond to inquiries, share relevant information, thank customers for mentions and purchases, and post promotions.
  • Content planning
  • Content strategy
  • Set up, manage, and evaluate social media ad campaigns

3. Writing tasks

  • Write blog posts
  • Write newsletters
  • Editing and formatting content on the website
  • Proofreading
  • Repurposing content e.g turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)
  • Write e-books
  • Design brochures
  • Respond to comments made on the business’s blog

4. Email management/marketing

  • Organizing email inboxes
  • Manage email lists
  • Create lead magnets
  • Write email newsletters
  • Schedule email campaigns
  • Write promotional emails

5. Digital Marketing

  • Create landing pages
  • Conduct keyword research for websites and blogs
  • SEO optimization
  • Monitor analytics reports
  • Copywriting
  • Manage influencer campaigns
  • Managing paid advertisements
  • Analyzing competitor strategies

6. Transcription

7. Podcast editing, maintenance, management

8. Video editing

9. E-commerce

10. Graphic design

11. Web design

12. Project management

13. Online event planning

14. Pinterest management

15. Website maintenance

16. Tech systems setup and management


There are sooo many services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. The list is endless.

As long as you have a skill or an interest, you can start your career as a VA.

You can start by offering one service and expand as you grow your Virtual Assistant Business.


When marketed correctly, any skill can be made into a profitable online business.

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