You’ll Never Feel Contented Until….

Are you fully contented with your life? When do you think you’ll ever be fully contented? Remember that time you thought, “After getting ‘this’, I’ll feel contented?” But after getting it you still weren’t content. Or your contentment was short-lived. That job, boy/girlfriend, house, car, shoe, name it, that you always wanted, got it and now you feel you need want more.

You’d argue, “But I’m being ambitious by striving for more?” There’s nothing wrong with that. But there is a very thin line between being ambitious and being greedy. It’s so thin you wouldn’t even notice when you’re crossing it.

The truth is, naturally, you’ll never be fully contented. Psychologists say it is human nature. Being content has to be a conscious decision. You have to keep reminding yourself to be contented, with what you have, where you are.

Contentment according to Cambridge English Dictionary is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, often because you have everything you need.

Many are the times we imagine, when I get …… (fill in) I will be so happy, I won’t need anything more.

Kindly, stop postponing your happiness!

But how can one be on the journey to achieving contentment?


I watched a video recently by a popular Kenyan DeeJay, DJ Krowbar, whose message I thought everyone should hear. The topic was; draw your line of contentment now.

Ever wondered why the rich cannot just help the poor and eradicate poverty completely? You know they can and you angrily wonder why they don’t.

The reason is, they also are not content with what they have. Just like you, they feel they also need more in order to help.

Drawing your line of contentment.

This time you don’t have a job, you have a job that pays peanuts; when you can’t afford that pair of shoe, you can’t afford to live in that estate, you can’t afford a car, you can’t afford to move out; NOW that you lack, draw your line of contentment. What do I mean?

Example: If you’ve always wanted to own cars in the future, draw that line and say, “My family will need only 2 cars at most. Even if I can afford 5 cars, having them all will just be greed. And when I find myself with five cars, I SHOULD give away the extra three. Not sell. Give away.”

The line of contentment is the line that you set for your future self. Indicating that, whenever you choose to live beyond this line, you’re no longer being ambitious. You’re plainly being greedy. And how to deal with that greed, you’ll give away the surplus to someone who needs it more. –Real Talk-.

Whatever you feel you’ll be extravagant on in future, when you ‘make it’, draw that line of contentment on it today, when you have no means.

If right now you struggle with giving, drawing this line of contentment will be a good start to dealing with it. In the future you’ll have made peace with it and giving will be a part of your lifestyle.

You’ll easily be motivated to open that non-profit business, support the needy selflessly and create a better future for the less fortunate.

Imagine a world where more people, if not all, were contented. What a perfect world it would be.  

As I write this, I know this is an easier said than done mission. It is one where you’ll genuinely plan to accomplish, but when the time comes to give, you will gladly forget.

As hard as it may be, make a conscious decision, and stick to what you plan, when the time comes.

Point to take home: Identify your needs and your wants. What you really don’t need, give it away.

Cheers to a better tomorrow.

What will you put as your line of contentment today?

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